Friday, January 21, 2011

Desk Supplies

Desk supplies are further divided into six major and broad categories according to the need and requirement of the corporate world. According to this categorization, desk supplies are comprised of 10 digits calculator, calculator, calendar, desk organizer, filing products as well as scientific calculator in addition. Desk organizer is also divided into more products and items such as bookends, card holder and note holder, clip holder and clip dispenser, desk set, file tray, file tray, letter holder, magazine organizer, other desk organizer, and pen holders and stationery holder as well. Out of all desk supplies, filing products are also divided into several items, accessories and products such as box file, clip file, document bag, elastic closure folder, expandable file, file folder, file folder accessories, hanging file folder, lever arch file, presentation folder, report cover and spine bar and ring binder in addition. 10 digits calculator, calculator, calendar and scientific calculators are also available in many shapes, models and styles. All of these items, as included in office and school supplies, are manufactured and produced by leading companies and globally recognized manufacturers from all over the world. Examples of these well-recognized companies include Vigatec. Olivetti, Ryman, Maske Gruppen, Lyreco,  Komus, Herlitz, Esselte Leitz, and Vasanta Group. 

Board & Easels

The world of office and school supplies entails a wide range of products and items that are used during numerous office operations and works. Out of all office and school supplies, there are also many products and items including board, board eraser and easels. Board, due to additional requirements and needs of corporate world, is further divided into more office products, items and accessories such as blackboard, bulletin board, drawing board, flip chart, interactive whiteboard, magnetic board, message board, whiteboard, writing board and other boards as well. The product of board eraser has also gone through a number of development processes and stages. Therefore, now board eraser is now available in the market in its various forms and different types such as blackboard eraser and whiteboard eraser as well as other board eraser. Easels are also available in a number of styles and verities all over the world. There are many types of easels available in the market. The most popular forms of easels include artist easel, paint station, children's easel, display easel, studio easels and field easels. Most of the time, easels are available in two major design categories that are tripod designs and H-frame designs. Board and easels are considered as highly specialized instruments in the modern world. 

Binding & Cutting

Binding and cutting is divided into two major categories that are office binding supplies and office cutting supplies. Office binding supplies is comprised of many products and items of general office and school supplies such as binder clips, clips, hole punch, memo clip, paper clip, pin, staple remover, and stapler and staples. Office cutting supplies, on the other hand, consist of products such as letter opener, paper scissors, and utility knife in addition. There are many types of bindings found in other sectors and industries such as binding (knitting), binding (knot), binding (sewing), bookbinding, breast binding, coil binding, comb binding, foot binding, ski binding, and snowboard binding. There have been various historical forms of bookbinding e.g. calf-binding, cased cloth binding, Coptic binding, Ethiopian binding, girdle-binding, in-board cloth binding, Japanese stab binding, limp vellum, long-stitch bookbinding, paper case binding, secret Belgian binding, traditional Chinese bookbinding, and wooden board binding. There are many methods applied in hardcover binding such as thermally activated binding ((including perfect binding, thermal binding, tape binding and unibind etc.), punch and bind (including double wire, twin loop, wire-o binding, comb binding, VeloBind, spiral binding, Proclick-GBC, ZipBind) and stitched or sewn binding. Lots of advanced and state-of-the-art binding and cutting instruments and techniques have been used in the modern world. 

Art & Drafting Supplies

Art & Drafting Supplies
Art and drafting supplies are divided into three major categories which are art supplies, drafting supplies as well as stencils. Art supplies are composed of a number of items and products included in all types of office and school supplies. In accordance with this further classification, art supplies also include art markers, art paints, art sets, calligraphy brushes, colored pencils, crayons, oil pastel, paint brushes, painting medium and palette and other art supplies as well. Just like art supplies, drafting supplies are also further classified into more items and products such as compasses, math sets, protractor, rulers and other drafting supplies. Out of all art supplies as listed above, art paints are further categorized into more items and product such as acrylic paints, oil paints, water color and other art paints. Similarly out of all art supplies, painting medium is further categorized into more items and products belonging to general office and school supplies. According to its further classifications, painting medium includes painting canvas, painting paper, rice paper as well as stretched canvas. There are also many online office supply companies e.g. Office Depot, Quill Corporation, Shoplet, and Office Max etc. All of these companies deliver high quality art and drafting supplies to consumers all over the world. 

Adhesives & Tape

Out of all office and school supplies, office adhesives and tapes are classified into more products and office items all over the world. According to this classification or categorization, office adhesives and tapes also include glue stick, liquid glue, office adhesive tape, tape dispenser as well as other glue. Other than adhesives and tapes, there are many examples of office and school supplies. The common examples include binders, business cards, cash registers, computers, fax machines, hole-punches, laminators, office furniture (including cubicles, filing cabinet, and armoire desks), paper clips, paper, photocopiers, post-it notes, printers, staples, stationary products and various types of writing utensils and instruments etc. Stationary is classified into more products and items such as writing instruments (including fountain pen, ballpoint pen, pencil, roller-ball pen, porous point pen, markers, highlighter pen etc.), envelope, erasers, expandable files, file folders, adhesives and tapes filing and storage items, hanging file folders, index cards and files, ink and toner, inkjet ink cartridge, laser printer toner, office papers (such as laser paper, inkjet paper, dot matrix paper, photocopy paper etc.), Paper and pads (including writing pads, wire-bound notebook, notebooks etc), photocopier toner, two-pocket portfolios, desk top instruments (including stapler, hole punch, staples, dispenser and tapes), and drawing instruments (including colour pencils, brushes, water colour and crayons).